Frequently Asked Questions

Too many academically excellent students have their college dreams crushed before they even begin the college application process because they take the SAT, ACT, or other entrance exams completely unprepared.

Potentia Prep gives students the learning tools and strategies to help them conquer the biggest academic tests of their lives and attain the educational futures they deserve. We are committed to teaching proven strategies that help students become intrinsically motivated, independent learners that help them master learning and life.
What is the average score increase for Potentia Prep students?
With some of the highest average score increases in the country, Potentia Prep students outperform students from almost every other test prep company in the country. Our students’ average SAT score increase (180+ points) is over 6 times the industry average. Our students’ average ACT score increase (6+ points) is the highest published score increase of any test prep company in the nation.
How is Potentia Prep’s test prep different?
Many Potentia Prep students who plateaued or stagnated with other test prep companies have thrived with Potentia Prep. Those students can attest to our biggest differentiators: 1. Our results, 2. Our approach, 3. Our instructors, and 4. Our belief in our students’ capabilities.
How hard is it to get a perfect SAT or ACT score?
Extremely difficult, but not impossible. Out of 1.7 million SAT test takers, about 300 got a perfect 1600. Out of about 2 million ACT test takers, 2760 got a perfect 36. All Potentia Prep master instructors scored a perfect score in their respective tests. We are extremely proud that we have helped train multiple students who have scored several perfect or near perfect SAT and ACT scores.
Does Potentia work with learning differences or ADHD?
Our strengths-based approach is extremely effective especially for students with learning difficulties. Potentia Prep treats students with learning differences not as deficient, but as opportunities to help them learn strategies that can help them throughout their lives. Students with ADHD, for example, may have trouble focusing, but their brains are often like having Ferraris with Model-T brakes: very powerful but difficult to control. We teach these students not only how to do well on the test, but, more importantly, learning strategies that will help them understand how to utilize their untapped academic potential.
Does Potentia Prep offer college admissions consulting?
We offer admissions consulting and have an excellent record of getting students in to the most competitive colleges. Our students have been accepted in the most elite institutions, including Harvard, Stanford, MIT, UPenn, Yale, Caltech, just to name a few. Potentia students have earned over $1 million in scholarship offers.
Does Potentia Prep offer subject tutoring?
Yes. We offer subject test and AP tutoring in Physics, Biology, Math, English Literature, and other subjects.
When is the best time to start studying and looking at colleges?
What's the best way to get started on test prep?
1. Take a full length practice test to get a baseline score.
2. Review the test to determine strengths and areas of opportunity.
3. Set a score goal.
4. Create a study plan based on student strengths, score goal, and availability.

Potentia Prep offers complimentary practice tests and Strengths Assessments to review the test and create a study plan.