Helping Students Break Through Barriers

Whether you’re a high achiever or athlete, an anxious test-taker or just looking to improve your score, we’ll help you adapt by adapting to you.

At Potentia, we believe true success lies in a student’s ability to understand and improve their own mental performance. Let Potentia prepare you for success with a plan that’s uniquely fit for you.

What Makes Potentia Prep Different?

  • Our CEO is a Harvard University interviewer and the #1 rated SAT teacher out of over 6,000 teachers nationwide. 

  • Average point increases of: 180+ points on the SAT and 6+ points on the ACT composites (including several perfect scores) 

  • Our students have earned well over $1 million in academic and merit scholarships 

  • Our students have been accepted to Harvard, Stanford, Yale, MIT, Caltech, Brown, UCLA, Berkeley, USC, Vanderbilt, Columbia, UPenn, Duke

Potentia alumni have been admitted to


Improving your SAT score or standardized testing ability doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen with proper planning and dedication. 

Beginning with an assessment of your test performance, Potentia coaches will work with you to uncover your academic strengths, create a targeted plan of action to build upon those strengths, and lead you toward greater self-understanding.





Potentia helps students become powerful and successful lifelong learners.

Start Improving Your Test Score Today


Building a strong foundation is key to high performance on standardized tests. Through our test prep programs, we identify knowledge gaps and help students learn faster.


With over 20 years experience and a coaching staff that includes the #1 rated SAT teacher in the nation, we know the most effective strategies for improving any score. Whether you are looking to achieve a perfect score, are a busy student athlete, or struggle with ADHD, we develop the program that works best for you.


Utilizing performance techniques from Cognitive and Positive Psychology, our staff prepare students to succeed on test day, in college, and beyond. We pride ourselves on offering the best possible SAT and ACT coaching.

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